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NOMA IQ - Privacy Notice - English

Privacy Notice for NOMA iQ products and services

Effective date:  May 21, 2021


This Privacy Notice for NOMA iQ products and services (“Privacy Notice”) describes information that Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited and its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, “Canadian Tire”) collect, use, share, and store, including personal information.

This document focuses on information related to the operation of NOMA iQ products and services, including NOMA iQ smart devices and the NOMA iQ mobile app, and other products from NOMA iQ (collectively, “NOMA iQ Products”).

Additional information about Canadian Tire’s collection, use, transfer and storage of personal information can be found in Canadian Tire’s Privacy Charter.  This Privacy Notice is intended to be read together with Canadian Tire’s Privacy Charter.  Information on how you can access your personal information stored by Canadian Tire can be located in Canadian Tire’s Privacy Charter. 


What information do NOMA iQ Products collect?

NOMA iQ Products collect the following categories of information:

  • Setup information you provide
  • Data from device sensors
  • Usage and performance information
  • Technical information from the device


Information collected by NOMA iQ smart devices

NOMA iQ smart devices may include certain sensors that enable the device to connect to other devices or networks through wireless protocols such as WiFi or Bluetooth, in order to provide you with device functionality.  The product may collect information related to your use of the device, including but not limited to the following:

  • Device connection status (online/offline)
  • Information collected through embedded sensors (such as brightness, temperature, air quality or humidity)
  • Device and/or power status (on/off)
  • Sensor status
  • Error logs
  • IP Address
  • Location of IP address


Information collected by the NOMA iQ mobile app

The NOMA iQ mobile app collects information you provide or enter in the app as well as information about your use of the smart devices connected and managed through the app, including but not limited to the following:

  • Information collected during device setup such as the name, postal code (optional) and email you provided to register
  • Device IP address
  • Device name
  • Device type
  • Connection history (online/offline)
  • Device Experiences such as scheduled on/off, bulb colour, time/date, timer or countdown, sunrise/sunset
  • Notifications or reminders (for certain products)



How We Obtain Your Consent 

When you install the NOMA iQ mobile app you are asked to accept this Privacy Notice and the License Agreement prior to using your NOMA iQ Products. 


How We Use and Store Information 

We use information collected through NOMA iQ Products, Google Action, and Alexa Skill for the following purposes:

  • To fulfill your product or service purchases
  • To register and maintain your account
  • To respond to any customer support requests, you may make
  • To provide, administer and improve our app, Google Action, Alexa Skill, or to support our other products and services, including by performing behavioural analytics, combining the data with other information held by us, and creating customized ads or offers
  • To comply with legal obligations

We may store collected information for as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose for which the data has been collected, and in accordance with our internal record retention schedule. We will delete your personal data when the information is no longer necessary, at your request, or to manage your account. However, we may store any aggregate or anonymous information indefinitely.

For any further questions, please contact:



In what circumstances does Canadian Tire share data collected by NOMA iQ Products?

Information collected by NOMA iQ Products, including personal information, may be shared within Canadian Tire and with third party service providers who assist us in serving you, such as vendors, suppliers and agents.  Personal information may also be shared where you have provided your express consent to share the information.  We will aggregate or anonymize information where possible.  We do not rent or sell your personal information. 


How do NOMA iQ Products Integrate with Third Parties?

If you connect your NOMA iQ Product with any third-party products and services such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, exchange(s) of data between Canadian Tire and the third party that is providing the product or service will occur. Canadian Tire or the third party will instead (or also) ask for your consent to control the products that you have connected. Your consent is required to allow any of these exchanges or requests for control and you will be able to revoke it at any time.

To add devices using Bluetooth (BLE), allow NOMA IQ to use your location during the time of adding a device.