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It looks like you’re looking for the Noma restaurant.

Here at, we don’t sell food or wine, BUT we do have lights and décor to brighten your home. Innovation is the cornerstone of what we do, and for close to a century we have provided high-quality, practical solutions to make your home the most comfortable place it can be.

We offer stylish, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly holiday lighting that is easy to set up and store. Our patented Quick Clip™ Technology provides Christmas lights with built-in clips to make securing them to roofs, railings, or trees quick and convenient. We carry an assortment of high-quality holiday décor like pre-lit Christmas trees, light-up lawn decorations, wreaths, and garlands. All our products are made to light up your home while keeping set up quick and simple.

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Quick Clip™ Christmas Lights


Christmas Lights


Pre-Lit Christmas Trees


Christmas Lights